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Download Solar Smash Game and Enjoy the Thrill of Obliterating Planets

Solar Smash Game Download: How to Play and Enjoy This Planet Destruction Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to destroy a planet with various weapons and disasters? If you are looking for a game that lets you unleash your destructive fantasies, then you might want to check out Solar Smash. Solar Smash is a simulation game developed by Paradyme Games that allows you to use nuclear missiles, lasers, asteroids, and more to obliterate any planet you choose. You can also customize your weapons, create your own planets, and explore different solar systems. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Solar Smash on your device, as well as some tips and tricks to have fun with this game. We will also review some alternatives and user feedback for Solar Smash.

What is Solar Smash?

Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator that was released in 2020 for Android devices. The game has since gained popularity among players who enjoy causing mayhem and chaos in a virtual environment. The game features realistic graphics and physics, as well as space images from NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and Space Telescope Science Institute. The game also has a warning that it contains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions.

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Features of Solar Smash

Some of the features that make Solar Smash an entertaining game are:

  • You can choose from a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, asteroids, black holes, aliens, celestial beings, and more.

  • You can also combine different weapons to create spectacular effects and reactions. For example, you can use a laser to cut a planet in half, then use an asteroid to smash the pieces together.

  • You can customize your weapons by changing their size, speed, color, angle, and trajectory. You can also adjust the gravity, atmosphere, rotation, and time of the planet.

  • You can create your own planets by drawing them with any design you want. You can also change their texture, color, size, and shape.

  • You can explore different solar systems and planets by using the system smash mode. You can move across the planets and sun with the blue icon of default settings like marbles. You can also destroy entire solar systems with powerful weapons like the planet killer.

  • You can unlock secret planets by using certain weapons or combinations of weapons. Some of the secret planets are Trick or Treat (a giant space pumpkin), Earth 2020 (a post-apocalyptic version of Earth), Machine World (a world made of machines), and more.

  • You can complete achievements by performing certain tasks or actions in the game. Some of the achievements are Destroy 100 Planets, Use All Weapons Once, Destroy Earth with Aliens, and more.

How to Download and Install Solar Smash on Your Device

If you want to play Solar Smash on your device, you need to follow these steps:

For Android Users

  • Go to the Google Play Store app on your device or click [here](^1^) to access it from your browser.

  • Search for Solar Smash or use this [link](^1^) to go directly to the game page.

  • Tap on Install and wait for the game to download and install on your device.

  • Once the installation is complete, Tap on Open to launch the game and enjoy destroying planets.

For PC Users

  • Go to the official website of Paradyme Games or click [here] to access it from your browser.

  • Click on the Download button and choose the version that suits your operating system (Windows or Mac).

  • Save the file to your computer and run it to install the game.

  • Once the installation is complete, open the game and have fun with Solar Smash.

Tips and Tricks to Have Fun with Solar Smash

Solar Smash is a game that lets you experiment with different weapons and scenarios to destroy planets. However, if you want to make the most out of this game, you might want to follow some tips and tricks that can enhance your experience. Here are some of them:

Complete the Achievements

One way to challenge yourself and have more fun with Solar Smash is to complete the achievements that are available in the game. Achievements are tasks or actions that you need to perform in order to unlock them. Some of them are easy, while others are more difficult or require specific combinations of weapons. Completing achievements can also unlock secret planets that you can explore and destroy. You can check your progress and see the list of achievements by tapping on the trophy icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Hit the Right Spots

Another way to enjoy Solar Smash is to hit the right spots on the planet that can cause more damage or interesting effects. For example, you can aim for the poles, the equator, or the continents to see how they react to different weapons. You can also try to hit specific landmarks or structures, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Great Wall of China. You can zoom in and out by pinching the screen, and rotate the planet by dragging it with your finger.

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Unlock the Secret Planets

A third way to have fun with Solar Smash is to unlock the secret planets that are hidden in the game. Secret planets are special planets that have unique features or themes, such as a giant space pumpkin, a post-apocalyptic Earth, or a world made of machines. You can unlock them by using certain weapons or combinations of weapons on specific planets. For example, you can unlock Trick or Treat by using a pumpkin bomb on Earth. You can also find hints and clues on how to unlock them by reading the descriptions of the weapons or by watching videos online.

Alternatives to Solar Smash

If you like Solar Smash, you might also like some other games that are similar or related to it. Here are some alternatives that you can try:

Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox is a physics-based space simulator that lets you create and destroy anything in the universe. You can experiment with gravity, climate, collisions, and more. You can also explore real data and simulations of our solar system, galaxy, and beyond. Universe Sandbox is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and VR devices. You can download it from Steam or from its official website [here].

Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Semi Truck Snow Simulator is a simulation game that lets you drive a semi truck on snowy roads and mountains. You can customize your truck, load cargo, and deliver it to different locations. You can also cause accidents and damage your truck or other vehicles. Semi Truck Snow Simulator is available for Android devices. You can download it from Google Play Store [here].


Sabotage is a strategy game that lets you play as a spy or a sniper in a multiplayer mode. You can use gadgets, traps, and weapons to sabotage your enemies or protect your allies. You can also communicate with your team through voice chat and plan your moves. Sabotage is available for Windows devices. You can download it from Steam [here].

Reviews of Solar Smash

Solar Smash is a popular game among players who enjoy simulation games and planet destruction. However, not everyone has the same opinion about this game. Here are some pros and cons of Solar Smash based on user ratings and feedback:

Pros and Cons of Solar Smash



- The game has realistic graphics and physics.

- - The game has a variety of weapons and planets to choose from.

- The game can be repetitive and boring after a while.

- The game is easy to play and control.

- The game can be laggy or buggy on some devices.

- The game is fun and relaxing to play.

- The game can be violent and disturbing for some people.

User Ratings and Fee


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