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Yoga Mat and Straps


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On Demand Classes

Committed to Quality

Live Stream and In Person Classes are recorded and then offered in the On Demand Channel. There are hundreds of classes to choose from in 5 channels. Choose the channel that is just what you need today!

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On Demand Videos

Meditation Channel

Take a seat and become a witness to what is right now. Guided meditations and instruction for just sitting.

Low Impact Channel

Sustainable low impact classes in this channel will help you let go of tension and cultivate ease in your body and mind. Classes in this channel include Gentle Soothing Yoga, Yin Yoga and Deep Stretch.

Mixed Levels Channel

In this channel classes are aimed at a moderate level with plenty of options for customizing the practice to what you need to find balance, stability and strength.  These classes include meditation, breath work, movement, strengthening, stretching and resting.

Intermediate/Advanced Channel

This channel is for experienced students seeking movement and challenges in arm balances and inversions. Expect meditation, breath work, lots of movement and standing work, balancing and inversions. You should have a strong foundation in moving practices for this channel. Classes include Monday Flow and Sustainable Intermediate Flow.

Sustainable Ashtanga Channel

The practice of Ashtanga is a practice for a lifetime if practiced with sustainability in mind. Can you befriend your body and make choices that allow you to breathe fully, find strength, stability and balance what you desire with what is appropriate for right now and does no harm?

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